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NOTICE: Some states and counties are considering redacting some personally identifiable information, like dates of birth or driver's license numbers, from public court records. California and Michigan are two states where we see this happening already. Because of these redactions, additional research may be needed directly from the court, which can cause extended turnaround times in these areas. To keep you as informed as possible, ISP will be posting ETAs inside your orders if there is a search that could be affected.

ISP is releasing a Multi-Factor Authentication protection to your account starting in March.

You will soon see a request to verify your identity via an authorization code that will be sent to your email address on file.

If you have any questions around this added layer of protection for your account, please reach out to Customer Service or your Account Manager.

Looking forward to a more secure year ahead!


If your organization does any hiring in New York City, please be aware that amendments to the City Human Rights Law went into effect on July 28, 2021, which could have an impact on your screening process. As a part of this update, criminal history cannot be part of your background screen until after a conditional offer of employment is extended.  Per the NYCHRL this means applicant must be vetted on all non-criminal information, such as work experience, educational qualifications, licensure etc. prior to the conditional offer. 

Refer to this website for further information: 


Please contact our Customer Service Department if ISP can offer any assistance with these changes.

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